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The Consequence of a Representative

Every single day individuals are concerned about the outcomes of the personal and professional relationships they have establish. Most times great intentions are at the root of theses relationships and who doesn't want to put their best foot forward? However, the consequences for this honorable set up can be detrimental to your health and the destruction of your relationship and/or profession. A representative can be defined as a representation of yourself that fits the expectations of a person, place or thing that may guarantee the best outcome for your root intention. We often showcase our representative when we are uncertain that our authentic and transparent self is not good enough or may be to raw for the situation at hand. Initially, it works and all is go until the energy of the façade is to heavy or the expectations do not align with your core values. The unfortunate dance of the representative can create, misunderstandings, verbal and physical altercations, resentment, time lost and possibly death. If you cannot be your--SELF with the people you work for, associate with or love; know the relationship is built on a toothpick foundation and will ultimately need rebuilding or termination. You choose!

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